How to raise flowers in the house to achieve scientific health


How to raise flowers in the house to achieve scientific health

Modern home, many friends attach great importance to the decoration of indoor flowers.

Indoor flower cultivation should be based on health. Pay attention to the following “three Yi” and “three bogey”: “Sanyi” should be a flower with strong drug-taking ability.

According to research, Narcissus, Mirabilis, Chrysanthemum, Saxifrage can convert nitrogen oxides into proteins in plant cells; spider orchid, aloe vera, and tigertail orchid can absorb a large amount of indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants;flowers.
Jasmin, clove, honeysuckle, morning glory and other flowers secrete the fungicide to kill certain bacteria in the air, keep the indoor air clean and hygienic; three should raise the “complementary” function of the flower.

Most flowers mainly perform photosynthesis during the day, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Breathing at night, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

Cactus is just the opposite. It releases carbon dioxide during the day and carbon dioxide at night, releasing oxygen.

The 鈥渃omplementary鈥?function of the flower is maintained in one room, which can mutually benefit each other at the same time, and balance the indoor oxygen and carbon dioxide content to keep the indoor air fresh.

銆€銆€”Three bogey” is too much to place.

If there are too many flowers placed indoors, it will reduce the concentration of oxygen in the nighttime indoors, affecting the quality of sleep at night; and avoiding the flowers that emit strong fragrance and pungent odor.

If there are too many fragrant flowers in the room, the fragrance will be too strong, which will cause the nerves of the human body to be excited, which is unfavorable to the people. The three bogey are placed with toxic flowers, and the bulbs of the daffodils contain Latino toxins.After it can cause vomiting and vomiting and other symptoms, including too much contact with the grass can easily cause eyebrows sparse, hair yellowing, severe hair replacement.

Planting such plants is not only bad for health, but harmful.