Perfect collection of acne and India theory experience_1

A great collection of perfect acne and India theory experience

When the winter is dry, it will suddenly grow a few acne due to lack of water. At this time, you should pay attention to it. Reasonably arrange diet and sleep. At the same time, you can also eat the old Chinese medicine acne king tea, and pay attention to hygiene and acne.It is very easy, but acne marks are a headache for many mm. Let’s take a look at the most complete method of removing acne and printing.


hzh {display: none; }  一、痘痘印的分类描述  2.False Scars-Pigmentation after Inflammation Pigmentation after inflammation lasts longer than red acne, leaving a dark and dirty color.

These colors will actually disappear by themselves.


Real scars-pits When acne is too inflamed and there is too much collagen in the dermis, it is possible to leave pits due to the collapse of real skin.

Once a cavity is created, it does not disappear automatically.

You have to rely on laser microdermabrasion to save you.


False scars-Red spots, acne, inflammation, blood vessels will expand.

But after disappearing, the blood vessels will not shrink immediately, and a flat red and red temporary erythema is formed.

Usually, such erythema usually disappears about half a year on average.


True scars—crab foot swollen—special acne groups with fibroblasts in the dermis that are too active.

As a result, the dermis was not only sunken after being injured due to inflammation, but instead turned into a thick crab foot swelling.

  Second, the acne removal site 1.

If you have the foundation and ability of money, you can use KOSE’s ace product Sekkisei.

This is more expensive, but most of the mm use still has a significant effect. It can bleach the entire face, which can reduce the effect of acne marks.

  How to use: 1) A piece of paper mask, completely immersed in KOSE medicated Sekkisei.

  2) Stick the mask paper completely impregnated with KOSE Medicated Sekkisei, apply it for about 10 minutes, and then apply the cream.

About three times a week is enough.

  Cost: 10 yuan per pack of KOSE medicated Sekkisei 320 yuan / 200ml, 480 yuan / 360ml 2.

Pearl powder + egg white acne removal method Pearl Fen and egg white have the effect of calming and whitening the skin. When used together as a mask, the skin will become smoother and acne marks will gradually fade.

  How to use: 1) Take the protein from a raw egg and mix it with about 10 grams of medicinal pearl powder.

  2) According to the method of applying water-washing mask, avoid the eyes and lips, and evenly apply on the face.

  3) Try thickening it, otherwise it will dry out quickly and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.