Eight kinds of therapeutic methods recommended for cervical erosion


Eight kinds of therapeutic methods recommended for cervical erosion

Diet, I believe that everyone is not very strange.

Because there are many diseases that can be treated with diet, and cervical erosion can also be used for therapeutic treatment.

What is the therapeutic method for cervical erosion?

If you don’t know, let’s introduce it to you today. If you want to treat cervical erosion using diet therapy, let’s take a look.

Eight kinds of therapeutic methods for cervical erosion 1. Houttuynia cordata, pig lungs, fresh fish, sorghum, 60 grams, pig lungs, about 200 grams, cut pig lungs into pieces.

It is used for squeezing to remove foam, adding water to the amount of soup, seasoning with salt, and eating pig lungs.

Suitable for heat poisoning.

2, verbena steamed pig liver fresh verbena 60 grams (dry 3D grams), 60-100 grams of pig liver, washed verbena cut into small pieces, pig liver slices, mixed with tiled dish, waterSteamed and taken.

Suitable for hot poisonous people.

3, Tibetan belly black-bone chicken takes 1 male silk-bone chicken, ginkgo, rice, and 15g of lotus meat, 30g of pepper.

After that, the black-bone chicken is cleaned, and after washing, other herbs are placed in the chicken belly, and then the black-bone chicken is placed in a casserole for boiling, and then it can be taken after cooking.

Suitable for patients with spleen deficiency.

4, amaranth chicken soup leeks root 50 grams, 2 eggs, 50 grams of sugar, with soup, and even served for several days.

Applicable to kidney yang deficiency type.

5, Hedgehog sweet soup Hedgehog root 30?
60 grams, the amount of crystal sugar, the roots of the hedgehog are washed and chopped, put the juice in the casserole, remove the slag, and put in the rock sugar.

Suitable for damp heat type.

6, white fruit tofu fried ginkgo 10 (to the heart), 100 grams of tofu, stewed and taken.

7, Sanren soup take 10 white nuts, and then take 50 grams of glutinous rice and winter melon.

Then put them together for boiling, and then take them once a day.

8, simmered cockscomb soup simmered in a half bowl, 30 grams of cockscomb, decoction, brown sugar dress.