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[Can pregnant women eat barbecue?

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You do n’t need to eat the taste of barbecued meat. Some people are very interested in smelling it. The taste of barbecued meat is very delicious, so many friends like to eat barbecued meat.

Roasted meat is inedible for pregnant women, because during the process of making roasted meat, protein will be damaged to some extent. Such substances will affect the health of consumers, so it is better for pregnant women not to eat it.

The reasons for pregnant women to eat barbecue cautiously are as follows: 1. It reduces the protein utilization rate: “Merald reaction” occurs during barbecue.

With the scent, vitamins are destroyed, proteins are denatured, and amino acids are also destroyed, which seriously affects the intake of the three.

Therefore, eating barbecue will affect the availability of these substances.

2. It is understood that because the meat is grilled directly at high temperature, the decomposed traces are dropped on the charcoal, and the thermal polymerization reaction caused by the small amount of coking of the food is combined with the protein in the meat, which will produce a high carcinogenicity called benzopyrene.Substance that adheres to the surface of food.

Some people have determined that the content of phenylhydrazone in the scorched crumbs on the iron sticks for barbecues is as high as 125 micrograms per kilogram.

At the peak of the flow of people, not only endanger consumers, but also people passing by.

3. A research center in the United States reports that eating a roasted chicken leg is equivalent to smoking 60 cigarettes.

Women who eat barbecue are twice as likely to develop diabetes than women who do n’t like barbecue.

Increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Grilled food is highly “toxic”.

4, susceptible to parasites: grilled food is tender and tender, some meats are not yet cooked, or even raw meat. If raw meat that has not been cooked is unqualified meat, eaters are likely to be infected with parasites,Will endanger the health of yourself and the oxide.