Top 10 sensory temptations for women

Top 10 sensory temptations for women

1 吻   法式的吻,吻到舌头,舌头连接心脏的冲击,感觉随着他的舌尖翻滚,如同火柴擦着了磷片,一股无名野火就这样从腰际直冲发梢,再也无力睁Open your eyes, the flexible teasing wave after wave of hot vitality, the whole body’s blood turns into a red net to let you hover in the center, so the rationality collapses suddenly, give you a kiss, give you the key to passion, and then giveI kiss, let this kiss turn into Ganquan, and let Ganquan moisten my entire body . Scientists have conducted long-term scientific research on kisses and found that a kiss raises a woman’s heartbeat to 108 times per minute, thus promoting blood circulation andNutritional supply; a kiss can increase the vital capacity from the usual 20 times per minute to 60 times per minute and greatly improve the oxygen supply; a kiss can excite people and stimulate a large number of hormones in the human body; a kiss,It can make people’s nervous system fully mobilized, especially the facial muscles are moving; a kiss consumes 12 calories of the body. Frequent kissing helps to make people变Too slim; a kiss, there is surprisingly calm your breath action, the possibility of an accident after the kiss will be reduced.
  2 The sudden attack of love makes you unable to parry it, and the electric shock feels like this. Without time, the space disappears, and the whole world loses its image instantly-even his appearance.
The will is completely collapsed, the pleasure takes everything; the tremor is accompanied by groaning, the language loses its effect, and the beautiful sex is beyond imagination; the climax of making love is exasperated and desperate.
Regardless of being a man and a woman, ordinary men and women, after a blend of love, the quality of life will be broken from the past.
  The benefits of sex are other irreplaceable ones. It can improve people’s creativity and make people smarter; sex can make cells regenerate better. Sex can keep skin elastic and reduce wrinkles, so that women can maintain their youthful beauty.
A U.S. Department of Health study states that having sex for 30 minutes consumes 350 calories, which is equivalent to about 40 minutes of jogging.
@ # $% ^ & * Produces hormones that make people feel good. This is the so-called “psychological cocktail” that makes people happy. People who enjoy an active and satisfying sex life are generally more tolerant and less suffer from depression.
  3 音乐  听轻柔的音乐,音符组成的不羁情欲像一条条轻吮脚趾的小鱼,在这热爱的吮吸中,拨动了女人心底的最隐密的弦……听强劲的音乐就如一颗子弹He launched deep into the soul through the blood, and carried out a stimulating and harmless journey. He tried to escape the cause, refused to return, and after the entanglement of points and harmony, his emotions matured more purely.
When years are rippling in the kind notes, happiness will flutter with the memory.
  Music can affect the physiological function of the human body through the role of sound.
Sound is the vibration of sound waves and is a kind of physical energy.
Music is a sonic vibration of a certain frequency, which acts on various vibration systems in the human body to generate beneficial resonances and coordinate the rhythms of various organs.
This coordination is an important factor that is conducive to physical and mental health.
On the other hand, beautiful music sound waves act on the brain, improve the excitability of nerves, and through the regulation of neurohumoral fluids, promote the body’s secretion of some hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine that are beneficial to health, and play a role in regulating blood flow, promoting blood circulation andGastrointestinal peristalsis and saliva secretion, strengthen metabolism and other effects, so that people are energetic, full of youthful vitality.
  4 绘画  色彩的世界有时无可言喻,可以将女人瞬间燃烧,梵高的原野、马蒂斯的奇幻、高更的热带,美术馆里悄然声息中驰骋着无穷想像力,在空旷的画室中冲来Rushing away with the souls of the painters.
You are a responder, their lover alone, you respond to the call of color and witness the eternal moment.
The art museum is a real wonder, a quiet, still and infinite passion.
  Appreciation often makes people happy, excited or moved.
Some doctors in Italy even found that the artistic paintings and bright colors of the hospital ceilings and walls are good for patients’ health.
Frescoes are painted on the ceiling of the ward, which can be used by patients after surgery to quickly restore the sense of space and perception.
Its room is an 18th-century building with murals of artistic value on the walls. These paintings have a calming effect on people and play a role in reducing pain and soothing emotions.
The use of works of art and bright colors is not simply a matter of hanging pictures in the room. Instead, designers, architects, and artists must work together to design and decorate the residence into a place with a strong artistic atmosphere in order to give full play to art.The realistic meaning of goods.
  5 Champagne Champagne is not only used to cheer when it is festive, just like beautiful women need someone to accompany and bring up.
A “bang” opened freshly, a grand debut, a weird journey from the sense of taste, taking a sip and closing the lips, just for fear of missing a little beauty.
I like to watch the bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass like a bead curtain spreading over the crystal dome. I like to touch the beautifully-shaped wine glass with my fingers. Who said that champagne can best promote a woman’s love?
  The best drinking temperature of champagne: Non-vintage champagne is between 7-10 ° C, and vintage champagne is between 10-12 ° C, as long as the champagne is placed in an ice bucket with ice cubes before drinking.Serve at 20-30 minutes.
Slim or tulip-shaped tall champagne glasses best complement the elegance of champagne, while also maintaining the bubbles and aroma of champagne.
As for a wide-mouthed goblet often used to stack champagne towers at weddings, although it looks magnificent, it is easy to make bubbles disappear in a short time, which is not very suitable.
  6 Caviar In familiar restaurants, the piano sound is faintly identifiable but the slight collision of silver cutlery is hardly heard.
The caviar was brought up, crystal clear and transparent, like a black pearl and a pomegranate seed under the glow of crystal lamps and red candles.
It is contained in the mouth, and they are gently broken with teeth. After the extremely fresh flavor spreads, ambiguous associations come to mind: the smell of caviar, the sexy smell, and the agar pulp which life illusion turned out to be a little salty and a little fishy.A little bit unclear but charming.
  The so-called caviar actually refers to catfish eggs.
At present, there are more than 20 species of catfish in the world. Among them, only the eggs of Beluga, Asetra, and Sevruga, which are produced in the Caspian Sea south of Russia and north of Iran, can be used to make what we know.Precious caviar.
As for the way of eating, the simple basic principle is not to over-strength the smell of too much and too much yuan, and to avoid high-temperature cooking to affect the quality. Spoonful spoonful of the spoon is the most delicious, freshly baked white bread, White-boiled eggs, whipped cream, lettuce leaves, and sushi, all are also a good match.
  7 SPA SPA is intended to produce health through water in Latin.
The petals float, the heat floats, and the scented marble bathtub soaks your body silky like a fish–as elusive as a fish.
Your face bears the pride of Cleopatra: Every woman should feel for a moment that she is beautiful and loved by the gods.Nianhua is confused and flows away from the water. Is hesitation or regret?

When you come out of the SPA, everything can happen. Providence is so.

  SPA refers to a place containing mineral spring water, which means that where there is a hot spring, people use natural spring water to treat diseases, improve health, and relieve psychological stress.

In the specific treatment of SPA, there must be a course of water to be called a SPA. At the same time, there should be relaxing natural music, and the fragrance of flowers and grass will also be scattered in the air.

It should also have a jacuzzi with multiple nozzles, water column nozzles of various pressures, basic equipment for saunas, etc., and then touch the water to achieve a comfortable feeling throughout the body.

Time is tight in the city, and the DAY SPA produced by the attack makes people in the city achieve the effect of releasing pressure in just a few hours.

  8 Massage under the touch of strangers’ fingers, in a powerful rhythm, like a hibernating snake, remove the hardness a little, wake up a little, get used to and warring about worries, get out of the tangle of rebellious collusion passion, the mood is getting moreThe more peaceful.

The laziness of the skin replaces the fatigue of the nerves, the blood flows back to vitality, the muscles echo in a snap, the body is getting hotter and warmer, just like volcanic lava flows under the granite, and the heat is sucked into the bodyEmits tolerant calm waves.

  Massage is applied to the muscle surface of the human body by means of adjustments to adjust the senses and physiological states of the human body.

Its working principle is closely related to various methods.

Proper massage can improve blood circulation and supplement tissues with nutrients; increase the transport of oxygen to promote normal cell metabolism; help the skin excrete waste and carbon dioxide, reduce the accumulation of oil; make skin tissue dense and elastic; exclude too much under the skinMoisture, eliminate swelling and skin relaxation, effectively delay skin aging, relax the subcutaneous nerves, fully rest, eliminate fatigue, relieve muscle pain and tension, and refresh the spirit.

Therefore, in addition to professional skin massage treatments in beauty salons, facial massage treatments should be done at home.

  9 Perfume men think they can smell and recognize women. How can they know that the fragrance emitted by perfumes can be ever-changing? Perfume designers are like wizards in the back room, who have made countless secret psychedelic agents that seduce men.

Perfume is only a small part of a love plot, and your brain is the birthplace of sensuality.

The smell of the perfume is given to the man. The bottle of the perfume is hidden where I know it. The favorite perfume will always be your next bottle.


0000000000001 grams of musk can really cause sexual desire and can subconsciously evoke the feeling of each other. Perfumers like to add this pornographic material to their works.

In addition, tuberose has erotic stimulation, blue dragon wood can relieve tension, chestnut wood has sexual suggestive function, and the fragrance of cinnamon or bergamot can stimulate self-confidence.

In short, a beautiful perfume can put the mind into work, open up, stimulate the subconscious, and stimulate the spirit and the body. At the same time, the fragrance can affect blood pressure, breathing, circulation and hormones through the autonomic nerves, making us excited, excited, calm orrevel.

  10 Holidays or on the beach, living in a room where you can see the sea, eating beautiful seafood, swimming in the sea, swimming with friends in the waves, and burying yourself in the sand.

The perforated golden sand is dry, warm and comfortable.

At this time, I saw far more than a dark-skinned handsome man walking towards you, his heartbeat accelerated, and his eyes blurred: everything just started, and every start was always beautiful. His voice was strong and charming, which was the favorite in imagination.Kind: “Miss, can you change some change for me?

“You look at each other and laugh: Is this a real reason or an excuse for a chat?

Oh, today’s sunshine is awesome!