Recommended for six dietary treatments for Parkinson’s disease


Recommended for six dietary treatments for Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease, also known as tremor palsy, is a common degenerative disease of the middle-aged and elderly patients. It is characterized by static tremor, bradykinesia, myotonia and posture gait abnormalities.

The cause of the initial case is unknown, known as Parkinson’s disease.

Poisoning, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, manganese poisoning, drug poisoning, multi-system degeneration, etc., is called Parkinson’s syndrome.

What are the good diets for diet?

Here are six recommended ways to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Therapeutic method 1: Sangwu pig liver[raw material]mulberry, 10 g of Shouwu, 250 g of pig liver, seasoning amount.

[Method]Sang 妞? Shouwu decoction juice for use.

Wash the pig liver first, slice it, and thicken it.

Put the vegetable oil in the pot and heat it, then saut茅 the onion, ginger and fragrant, the pork liver slices, stir-fry until the color changes, the sauce and soy sauce, MSG and so on.

[Efficacy]Yanggan Yishen.

For the neurosis of liver and kidney yin deficiency, see emotional instability, irritability, limb obesity, not jealous, more dreamers.

[Method]Eat pig liver and drink soup.

Diet Method 2: Longan Tongzi Chicken[raw material]1 chicken, 100 g of dried longan meat, 100 mL of cooking wine, 10 g of onion, 10 g of ginger, 5 g of salt.

[Method]After slaughtering the chicken, remove the hair and remove the internal organs, remove the claws, wash it, put the legs under the chicken wings, place the group up, put it in boiling water, and remove it.

Longan meat is pure.

Put the chicken into the dish, add the longan meat, cooking wine, onion, ginger, salt, add some water, steam on the cage for 1 hour, remove the onion, ginger Serve.

[Efficacy]nourish the heart and calm the nerves.

For neurosis, see palpitations, insomnia, dizziness and more dreams, memory loss, inattention, less, burnout, tinnitus, backache.

[Serving]to eat with food.

Diet Method 3: Mulberry winter cream[raw material]fresh mulberry 1000 g (dry half), rehmannia 50 g, as winter 30 g.

The amount of honey is right.

[Method]Wash 3 medicines, put them in a casserole, decoction 2 times, each time with 800 mL of water, fry for half an hour.

Mix 2 times, leave the residue in the pot and fry until it is thicker. Add honey and paste into the cream.

[Effect]Ziyin Pinggan, nourish the heart and calm the nerves.

For neurosis, insomnia, dreams, heart trouble, dry mouth, dry throat, weak waist and knees.

[Serving]1 each time?
2 spoons, with a roll of water, 3 times / d.

Diet Method 4: Mulberry sugar[raw material]200 g of mulberry, 500 g of white sugar.

[Method]Put the sugar in the pot, add a small amount of water, use the simmer to thicken, add mulberry and mix thoroughly, continue to shovel until the wire is shoveled with a spatula to stop the fire.

Pour the juice into a dish coated with cooked vegetable oil, let cool, and cut into small pieces with a knife.

[Efficacy]nourishing yin and nourishing blood, both spleen and kidney.

For neurosis, see dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, dreams, waist and knees.

Visually dim, memory loss, dry mouth constipation, hot flashes and night sweats.

100 g / time, orally, 2 times / d.

Diet therapy method 5: Siren rock candy[raw material]20 lotus seeds, 10 longan, 10 peach kernels, 10 g of jujube kernels, rock sugar 10?
15 g.

[Method]After washing the above medicine, it is placed in a pot with rock sugar, adding 150 mL of water and boiling for 30 minutes.
[Effect]Raise the heart and blood, make up the heart.

For neurosis.

[Method]Go to slag tea to drink.
Diet Method 6: Fresh Lily Juice[raw material]200 grams of fresh lily.

[Method]Wrap the lily with a clean gauze to take the juice.

[Effect]Clear heart, soothe the nerves, moisten dryness.

For neurosis, see upset and dry mouth, insomnia and more dreams, hot flashes, night sweats, red tongue and less moss.

10 mL / time, orally, 2 times / d.