How to adjust nephritis nephritis how to improve


How to adjust nephritis nephritis how to improve

Acute nephritis can be treated, but also can be very good care, then how to regulate nephritis?

This article will introduce you to the treatment and nursing of acute nephritis. I believe that everyone can get rapid treatment even if they have nephritis!

Teach you how to regulate nephritis?

1, edema treatment of mild edema nephritis patients without treatment, limited salt and rest can disappear.

Patients with obvious edema can be treated with drugs, and general intermittent applications are better than continuous applications.

2, bed rest acute nephritis bed rest is very important.

After the edema subsides, the blood pressure drops, and the urine abnormality decreases, the patient can take a proper amount of walking and gradually increase some mild activities, but do not suddenly increase the amount of activity.

3, anti-infective treatment in the acute phase of nephritis patients in the case of infected lesions should be given adequate anti-infective treatment, no infection, generally not appropriate.

4, treatment of hypertension and heart failure patients with high blood pressure nephritis need routine treatment of high blood pressure.

In patients with heart failure nephritis, due to the high blood volume problem in patients with acute nephritis, the focus of treatment should be to remove water, sodium sputum, and reduce blood volume.

5, diet and water and water intake by urine volume, edema, the degree of hypertension and the presence or absence of heart failure comprehensive judgment, in the acute phase of nephritis patients to limit water is appropriate, but not excessive.

6, anticoagulant therapy glomerular coagulation is mainly cellulose deposition and platelet aggregation.

Therefore, in the treatment of such patients, anticoagulant therapy can be used to help relieve nephritis.