Taking medicine is worse than eating garlic


Taking medicine is worse than eating garlic

If the smell of garlic (garlic food) is negligible, it can be selected as the healthiest food. In addition to the flavoring value it should have, the latest medical discoveries have added value to its multiple health (health foods).- Sterilization, detoxification, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, blood fat reduction. Basically, every modern civilization disease can find antidote in this uncivilized food. Of course, its own breath is not insoluble.This is something.

銆€銆€The abuse of antibiotics by natural broad-spectrum antibacterial plants has always been a problem corrected by doctors. People have overcome the effects of antibiotics and must withstand the adverse intervention and intrusion of antibiotics on the health of the body.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, its antifungal effect is particularly prominent, and there are almost no toxic side effects.

In the 19th century, Pasteur of France first discovered the antibacterial activity of garlic.

Later studies confirmed that garlic is known for its many inhibitory and killing effects on pathogenic bacteria (such as common golden yellow grape (cocci food) cocci, streptococci, E. coli, etc.).

Unlike a variety of powerful antibiotics that often face potential problems, bacteria can hardly develop resistance to garlic.

銆€銆€The enormous richness of the material life of diabetic nemesis makes it an extremely sensitive indicator, because the growth of the diabetes index is closely related to the rich diseases such as diabetes and diabetes (diabetes food).

Dr. Bodia of the United States first reported in 1981 that garlic can prevent plasma insulin elevation and lower blood lipids, and its lipid-lowering effect even supplements some commonly used lipid-lowering drugs.

This discovery extends the medicinal value of garlic to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases that are of great concern to the world today.

In Germany, the authors of the Herbal Safety Evaluation Authority and the British scientists have found that in the chart on the reduction of cholesterol in garlic, most of the testers showed significant improvement in plasma parameters in the first three months.

銆€銆€In addition, garlic can help prevent the formation of blood clots, reducing the risk of morbidity and stroke.

Why can garlic prevent thrombosis?

Scientists have discovered a substance called ajoene in garlic that lubricates blood platelets.

The more lubricated the platelets, the less likely they are to condense together to form a thrombus.

Thrombosis is an important cause of cardiovascular attacks and strokes.

Therefore, many people with high blood fat insist on eating half a day of garlic; some of them even use garlic as a must-have for travel and long-term health care (health food).

Although garlic does reduce cholesterol in the early stages, experts recommend that people should not use this short-term treatment to replace plasma-lowering drugs and develop low-fat replacement diets.

銆€銆€The job of the liver guardian liver is to deal with and break down various toxins. Now the large intake of junk food and contaminated food has brought tremendous pressure on the organism of modern people (pressure food).

Many unfortunate livers are due to unfortunate intake of too much, and the liver has not been able to accumulate in time to accumulate.

銆€銆€Studies have found that garlic has a strong inhibition of starch peroxidase activity, so that it does not damage the structure of the liver cell membrane, thereby protecting the liver; people who consume garlic have low serum transaminase levels.

Garlic prevents mercury, cadmium and other harmful elements from being absorbed by the intestinal wall, and can also improve the liver’s detoxification function.

The researchers found that pure oral garlic tablets (0 per tablet).

3 grams), 3 times a day, 4 tablets each time, and even 1 month for a course of treatment, can effectively treat jaundice hepatitis, lead poisoning.

銆€銆€The biggest killer to suppress tumors and take away human life is cancer, transforming environmental pollution and lifestyle changes, and the incidence of cancer is getting higher and younger.

Researchers have collected a lot of data on the relationship between garlic and cancer (cancer food) from many countries including China, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

In general, the proportion of people who do not eat garlic, who like to eat garlic (eat more than 6 petals a day), the chance of suffering from colon cancer decreased by 30%, the probability of suffering from gastric cancer decreased by 50%.

Garlic also has a certain effect in preventing prostate, laryngeal cancer, bladder cancer and diabetes.

銆€銆€The study also found that garlic can slow the growth of tumors.

The researchers injected garlic extract into tumor-bearing animals and found that garlic inhibited the growth of some tumors.

Although the evidence in this area needs more confirmation, the preliminary results show the inhibitory effect of garlic on tumors at different stages of development.

銆€銆€Resist the years, stay in beautiful (beautiful food) Now we all know, the reason why the face is aging is because of the role of oxidation.

And garlic can promote blood circulation and quickly relieve fatigue.

Studies have found that garlic toxic antioxidants can significantly reduce the level of peroxide oxides in serum, improve and enhance physical fitness, and improve the body’s immunity.

Some scholars compared garlic and ginseng and found that the antioxidant activity of allicin and garlic ethanol extracts in vitro and even free radical ginseng (ginseng food) have a significant anti-aging effect.

The folk formula of “aphrodisiac” with garlic has been used for thousands of years.

銆€銆€Decrease, reduce blood fat If you are overweight, then you are more than five times more likely to have diabetes and hyperlipidemia than those with normal weight.

This is the number from a Harvard Medical School medical survey.

Harvard animal experiments show that garlic can improve the glucose metabolism process in mice and affect the synthesis of adults; domestic research has also confirmed that garlic preparation can improve the body’s tolerance to glucose, and reduce excessive blood sugar (blood sugar food))Level.Oral allicin 120 mg daily for 50 days.

It was first proven to increase glucose tolerance in normal people.

The possible reason is that garlic can promote insulin secretion, enhance the absorption of glucose by tissue cells, and improve human tolerance to glucose.

銆€銆€Where does the magical effect of garlic come from?

銆€銆€The results of long-term studies show that two of the garlic directly affect its medicinal value.

The first is a kind of disulfide, Allicin, known as “garlicin” or “garlicin”. The magical effect of garlic on it is related to it.

銆€銆€Interestingly, when garlic is the whole petal, you can’t find allicin, because it is among the precursors of garlic – Allin.

Ailin’s physiological activity is very low. When garlic is cut, muddy or chewed, Ailin is decomposed into allicin by the corresponding enzyme.

Allicin is not very stable. The environment above 56 掳C can “deprive” its activity. After long-term exposure to air or light, allicin will be decomposed and lose its activity.

In addition to allicin, another active ingredient, Ajoene, has been found in the oily extract of fresh garlic. Prevention of thrombosis is Ajern’s “masterpiece.”

What’s more interesting is that Ai Qiaoen can’t be found in raw garlic. It is derived from allicin. It is only found in garlic oil (oil food) and cannot be found in water-stained garlic.

銆€銆€The active ingredients of garlic are quite fragile.

The length of maturity, the different methods of storage and cutting, directly affect its active ingredients.

It should be noted that garlic needs to be re-armed before it can function.

New research shows that allicin in garlic does not start until the garlic cloves are chopped for 10 minutes.

The next time you use garlic, remember this, you can cut the garlic first, then prepare other ingredients or simply wait for a while, drink a cup of coffee or something.

Taking six or more garlics per week promotes health.

If you want to eat garlic, fresh is the best.

But many people are afraid of the kind of spicy, hot, spicy taste, and the whole grain swallows garlic.

However, don’t forget that allicin is not found in whole garlic, only garlic will be crushed to produce allicin.

銆€銆€Tolerance, we have to mention the various benefits of garlic. We are already aware of the heart, but the unpleasant tone after eating garlic is still embarrassing.

Especially if your next arrangement is to meet customers, it is not appropriate for others to bear your garlic aftertaste.

In fact, the two methods of perfection are not without, that is, grinding garlic into pulp, adding eggs or milk to eat, so that no odor will occur.

銆€銆€In addition, after eating garlic and drinking milk, the taste of garlic is immediately eliminated.

Then, after eating garlic, chewing some tea or parsley, or eating an apple (apple food) can also effectively taste.

銆€銆€One reminder: If you are particularly sensitive to garlic, such as a heartburn after eating or even a rash, you may want to consider giving up fresh garlic and eating its synthetics.

It is important to note that if you take anticoagulants daily, such as aspirin or warfarin, then do not take any garlic synthetics.

Due to the addition of icing on the outside of this type of product, it does not produce an unpleasant taste when it is first eaten, but it may leave the smell of garlic after taking the residue.

Again, if you decide to take garlic supplements, be careful not to exceed 5 mg per day.

In addition, garlic and honey are not suitable food partners, if garlic and honey (honey food) with food will cause diarrhea.

銆€銆€Some people should not be able to make garlic in Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “Garlic is beneficial to the individual”, so people with eye disease should not eat more garlic.

In addition, people with yin and anger are often flushed, low fever in the afternoon, dry mouth constipation (constipation food), and people who are bothersome and hot do not eat too much garlic, because garlic will intensify the situation of yin deficiency.

In addition, people with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer or chronic gastritis should also avoid garlic, because the spicy flavor of allicin will stimulate the stomach, make the gastric mucosa congestion, edema aggravation, promote exudation, and thus progressThe possibility of a worsening condition.

People with high blood pressure and severe heart disease should not eat raw garlic.