How many times does a baby formula feed?

How many times does a baby formula feed?

Neonatal period: feeding day and night 7?
8 times, about once every 3 hours, slightly longer in the middle of the night.

15 on each first day?
20 ml, increase by 10 every day in the future?
15 ml until 60 ml each time, and then increase by 10 every other day?
15 ml to 90 ml each time.

Night feeding interval is extended, 7?
Daily feeding after 8 days can replace 5?

6 times a total of 120?
180 ml / kg body weight.

3 months: 6 times a day, 120 feeding each time?
150 ml, intermittently extended to 3.

5?4 hours, can sleep 5 in the middle of the night?
6 hours.

5 months: Feeding 5?
6 times, each time 150?
200 ml, can sleep 5 in the middle of the night?
6 hours without feeding.

  5?6 months: feeding 4?
5 times, can feed 200?
240 ml. Feed at most once after falling asleep; add complementary food after 6 months.

Keep your daily milk volume at 600?
800 ml, feeding 3 times a day
4 times.

  The amount of milk a baby has each time varies greatly from individual to individual. It should not be too much or too little, as long as the baby’s weight is normal.

But the baby is usually at 3?
4 months ago, because the foraging reflex has not completely disappeared, when the baby’s cheek is stimulated, the baby will appear foraging behavior, and the small mouth is in the state of fish lips, but this does not mean that the baby is not full,It’s a long time since breastfeeding, so don’t breastfeed your baby, in case your baby gets too pregnant and causes obesity.

Fill the pacifier with milk during feeding to prevent the baby from inhaling a lot of air and causing bloating and overflowing milk.