[Children’s Day]Children do not like to eat, what should parents do?


[Children’s Day]Children do not like to eat, what should parents do?

Today is the Children’s Day on June 1st. I believe that many parents have tried their best to accompany their baby to make a meal that the baby likes to eat. But the problem is often that I have made a lot of dishes but I don’t like to eat. I have to follow my ass every meal.After chasing after the feeding, this makes many parents have a special headache.

The baby doesn’t like to eat. Most of them are patriarchal chasing and feeding. The rice is always waiting for the parents to feed the children. The spoon always waits at the child’s mouth, the child has not swallowed, and urges to hurry.eat.

Sometimes I don’t know how to urge my child, but I keep the spoon and waits for the child.

In fact, this action is just on the lips. I have told the children to eat faster. Invisibly, they give the children a lot of psychological pressure. In the long run, children will not like to eat and fear eating.

Always “a little more”, the duck-filled accepting parents, afraid that the children can not eat enough, always come again every time, if the child has to eat the belly, it is full, the result is that the child eats tooSatisfied, accumulating food, and do not want to eat for a few days in the back, then parents then buy some stomach-to-eat drugs for their children to eat, it is too wrong!

The complementary food is not added to the right to think that the complementary food is “the milk is not enough to eat, add some food to let the child eat” is so simple.

The role of food supplements can be large, and it is not additive or additive.

銆€銆€In addition to providing nutrition, complementary foods are also related to the baby’s IQ, communication skills, and future eating habits.

銆€銆€Because chewing must involve the muscles of the face, the movement of the jaw joints, and the local blood vessels and nerves.

Medical research proves that the more times you chew, the more frequency, the better the chewing ability, the IQ can be used, and the language expression ability is stronger.

銆€銆€If the child’s food supplement is not added in time, or if you always eat only the bad food, or add the rice paste to the bottle and feed it with the milk, it will cause the two or three-year-old children to rely on the bottle and the gruel, refuse to chew and swallow.Solid food.

When you eat and play, the eating environment is noisy. The baby is more curious and easy to distract.

In order to make them eat well, some parents let the baby play with toys, watch TV, and eat while playing. I don’t know if this will transfer the child’s focus, causing people to eat, but the heart is not eating, thinking about other things in the brain, so that the stomachIt is very bad!

After eating and snoring and snoring, who will have a good mood to eat, or even barely eat it, but the heart has left a shadow, leading to fear in the future, sacrifice to eat.

Snacks keep children snacks constantly, when the time of the meal, the stomach is not hungry, naturally can not eat.

If the food is not good, the baby will always eat the same kind of food, and the baby will lack freshness and no appetite.

7 ways, let the baby fall in love with eating 1 pregnancy, is the best appetizer, do not give children too much snacks, usually take the children to exercise outdoors, as long as the baby’s stomach is really hungry, naturally will not resisteat!

2 Have a good meal and avoid forcing your child to eat.

Let the children eat at the dinner table with the adults. When the children see that the adults are so fragrant, they will naturally become infected and increase their appetite.

3 Make the food softer and more delicious. It doesn’t hinder the experiment with a variety of ingredients and cooking methods, making the food into interesting shapes, fillings, silk, meatballs, etc.

4 choose the baby’s favorite tableware baby loves to have their own unique things, buy some cute tableware for the baby, it will also make the baby interested in eating.

5 baby to “cook” let the baby also participate in the cooking process, buy food, wash, make dumplings, etc., let him experience the fun of cooking.

6 parents do not be good at example. If the adults’ own eating behaviors and habits are not good, often watching mobile phones, watching TV, or eating snacks when eating, there is no reason to ask the children to eat well.

7 diet regularization try to eat at a fixed time, develop a good habit of eating on time.

How to improve the child’s appetite The child’s appetite is not good, there is no appetite for eating, the food intake is reduced, the body can not absorb enough nutrients, and growth and development will also be affected.

How to improve your child’s appetite?

Need to give the child gastrointestinal burden reduction, reasonable arrangements for diet, while allowing children to pay attention to add water, exercise more.

1 to the child’s gastrointestinal burden reduction diet should be moderate, avoid giving children fried food, eat too much ice cream and other sweet cold drinks, this can protect the digestive enzyme content and function, to maintain appetite.

Do not give your child snacks when eating a meal.

2 Eat more foods containing vitamins and trace elements of zinc, eat a small amount of vitamin C and trace elements of food, such as: fish, liver, eggs, wheat, glutinous rice, millet, corn, rice, soybeans, carrots, lemons, oranges,Tomatoes, green peppers, etc.

When parents prepare these foods, they can make them beautiful, which can also increase their appetite.

3 hydration is very important to pay attention to let the baby drink water, can not wait until the baby is thirsty.

Sugary or milky drinks are not a good choice for hydrating.

4 indoor and outdoor activities can not be limited to children’s activities, moderate exercise can help digestion, let the child’s body move, appetite will also mobilize.

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