Using fitness ball to greatly reduce waist and abdomen_1

Use fitness ball to greatly reduce waist and back

There are various movements in the three-step curling exercise for waist and abdomen weight loss. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the complete movement, and it is advisable to perform it 2 to 3 times a week.

Doing ball exercises can help you to train your whole body muscles. Among them, waist and abdomen slimming effects are the most significant.

  Leg and balance training on the supine fitness ball and keep your body balanced. It is best to split your hands on both ends, of course, the master can hold the chest with both hands.

However, the cost of starting this project was a few slumps.

And it is best to touch the fitness ball above and above. If you touch the ball by your hips, haha, it is even worse.

I was beaten so badly.

Learn lessons.

So pay attention to the above points.

Then slowly lift your left leg, lower it, and lift your right leg.

Lift it slowly.

Can exercise your leg muscles and your balance.

  Arm and shoulder strength training Put your legs on a fitness ball and support with your hands to form a push-up.

And keep your body straight.

Then use both hands to move and restore.


Another can be deformed to do push-up exercises.

This exercise will train your arms and shoulders.

  Front extension training 1: Movement process: Before starting training, the knee should be in a soft position to avoid injury.

The abdomen is located on the exercise ball. Put your hands together, but do n’t cross your hands to avoid slipping because you have n’t mastered the balance because of the actual contact with the ball.

Hee hee.

Be careful, this ball is not annoying.

The arch is backed up, the upper body is lifted up as far as possible, and when it reaches the highest point, it stands still for one second.

Then slowly reply.

  Breathing method: Inhale when the upper body is upright, exhale when forward flexion, pay attention to the points, and try your best to contract the sacral spine when it is straight up, and do not move too fast.

  Front extension training 2: Before starting the training, keep the knees in a soft position to avoid injury. Put the ball on your feet while placing your hands on both sides of the ball. Slowly move the ball to the abdomen and straighten your hands and legs to make the backStretching tries to form an L shape.

The repetition is repeated.

Can effectively exercise hip muscles.